Network CAT5E NETWORK JACK Tester Applications

Of course, is the pressure line, after confirmation can put CAT5E NETWORK JACK crystal head into the 8P Crimping tank pressure line, and head into the crystal, the force grip pliers, if the effort is not enough, you can use both hands pressed together, so that a pressure process makes crystal head protruding pin all the pressure on the outside and head into the crystal, force after hearing a slight “pop” sound can be.

As shown above, after pressure line crystal head protruding pin all the pressure on the outside and head into the crystal, and the crystal head lower plastic buckle bit is also pressed against the wire gray protective layer.

Network CAT5E NETWORK JACK tester applications:

Let’s briefly introduce several interfaces on the tester, the tester can provide BNC connectors for coaxial CAT5E NETWORK JACK and RJ-45 interface CAT5E NETWORK JACK to be tested. We both ends of the RJ-45 connector into the tester two interfaces, open tester we can see two sets of lights are flashing. If the test CAT5E NETWORK JACK is straight-through CAT5E NETWORK JACK, then the tester’s eight light should turn green flash, proved successful production lines, can successfully complete the data transmission and reception. If the test CAT5E NETWORK JACK is a crossover CAT5E NETWORK JACK, then one side of the same order of 1 to 8 flashing green, while the other side in this order is based 3,6,1,4,5,2,7,8 flashing green. If anyone light is red or yellow, all prove the existence of open circuit or poor contact at this time is best for both ends of the crystal network pliers crimping head and then once, and then measuring, if the fault persists, then check both ends of the whether the order of the core wire, if not the same, with one end cut off again at the other end of the core wire order making crystal head.

Post time: Oct-11-2016
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