Ready first we need tools: crimping.

1. The first out of a short network cable (UTP),CAT5E NETWORK JACK and then the skin stripped some (length of about 1.2-1.3 cm);

(2) According to the standard cable network cable (UTP) reverse wound open, the existing standards T568A and T568B wiring standard,CAT5E NETWORK JACK is usually used more T568B standard.

T568A standard connection in order from left to right are: 1 – Green and White 2 – Green 3 – orange and white 4 – Blue 5 – blue 6 – Orange 7 – brown white 8 – Brown.

T568B standard connection in order from left to right are: 1 – orange and white 2 – orange 3 – Green and White 4 – Blue 5 – blue 6 – green 7 – brown white 8 – Brown.

3. Use pincers to cut Qi uneven thread;

4 the network cable (UTP) into the crystal head,CAT5E NETWORK JACK and use crimping pliers clamp (hard), the other end is also connected by the same standard; need to pay attention is to stitch one crystal head upwards, so that one end of the square hole to himself.

At this point,CAT5E NETWORK JACK the leftmost pin 1 is the rightmost is 8 feet, the rest in order of priority. Need to pay attention when inserted slowly heaved the eight RJ-45 cable while inserting the corresponding eight head trunking, has been inserted into the groove to the top.

Post time: Oct-11-2016
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