The Installation Of CAT3 KEYSTONE JACK Network Module

The CAT3 KEYSTONE JACK network module in family information access box has two kinds:

The first is the back and front of the CAT3 KEYSTONE JACK network module is the same as the CAT3 jack; The second is the normal CAT3 KEYSTONE JACK information module, that is to say that CAT3 KEYSTONE JACK module strip is actually a plurality of RJ45 information module. The former is to simplify the end connecting module, free module, just make the crystal head on, the latter need as the playing information module that 110 wire tools wire terminal utp.

Here only tells the back of the first network module is the termination methods of CAT3 KEYSTONE JACK, the second will not be taled about here.

Unscrew the two screws connected network module zone, a module rear connection part, 5 lines will be introduced into the box body trim reserved 40 cm length, pressure connected to a Rj45 crystal head, insert the voice / data corresponding jack connection module back, and make a mark, so, to complete the room information socket to home furnishing. Voice / data connection module connection.

Post time: Oct-11-2016
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