We Need To PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK Gray Protective Layer Off

Step Two: We need to PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK gray protective layer off, and can be used to crimping the thread trimming blade will cut together, and then head into the stripping dedicated blade, PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK slightly clenched Crimping Pliers Slowly rotate, so that the protective blade gash twisted rubber.

A portion of the protective rubber removed. In this step needs to be noted that crimping gear from stripping blade length is usually exactly crystal head length, PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK which can effectively avoid stripping too long or too short. If the strip is too long certainly looks unsightly, on the other hand cannot be due to the network cable Crystal Head stuck, easy to lose; If stripping is too short, due to the presence of a protective layer of plastic, cannot be fully inserted into the bottom of crystal head, PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK causing Crystal head pin cable cannot touch the core wire intact, of course, also affect the quality of the line.

Stripped gray plastic protective layer can be seen after the four pairs of twisted-pair network PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK 8 cores, and you can see the colors are different for each pair. Each of the two pairs of twisted wire is composed of a core wire of the respective colors stained with only a few stained with the corresponding color – white core lines. Four wire color for full color: brown, orange, green, PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK blue. Each pair of wires are intertwined with each other, making network cables must be four pairs of eight thin wires one by one untied, straighten, Chezhi, and then follow the prescribed line sequence in order.

Here, I want to explain the wiring standards,PCB SCREW TERMINAL BLCOK including twisted pair, there are two ways of making international standards, namely EIA/TIA568A and EIA/TIA568B. The twisted-pair connections are mainly two methods, namely, straight-through cables and crossover cables. Simply put,

Post time: Oct-11-2016
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